Our Programs

Our programs seek to address critical areas identified in our community assessment. Current programs address Civic Responsibility, Student Drop out prevention, and Community Outreach.

The Odessa Civic Engagement Project

Mission is to empower citizens by increasing their participation in the American democratic process. Voting, Elections Click here for next enrollment.

  • Understanding City Government ©
  • Understanding County Government ©
  • Understanding School District Government ©
  • Understanding Political Parties ©
  • We are American ©

UVU Mexican-American Studies Reading Program ©

Mission is to bring Mexican-American Studies to our growing Chicano population due to lack there of from our local Junior College fulfilling it's legal requirement. Click here for next enrollment.

  • Session I: Identity (sample)
  • Session II: Mexico Pre-1821 Mesoamerica/Spain (sample)

Student/Parent Engagement Program

Assist partner organizations in Education Enhancement, Social Services, Parent Involvement, Encouragement, and Enrichment Activities. Current MOU with Communities in Schools of Permian Basin.

  • Volunteer Speakers

Community Outreach Program

Organize and provide vital community information.