About Us

Una Voz Unida Political Association was founded in 2008 by a group of citizens concerned about low voter turn out and the lack of adequate representation and participation in Odessa, Texas. In 2009, we changed our name to Una Voz Unida of Odessa. The purpose of Una Voz Unida is to empower our community through education, develop leaders, and speak for or against issues that affect our community. At the heart of this effort is a deeply held belief in the importance of direct involvement by all citizens in the development of the public programs and policies that shape the context for the future of our community in Odessa Texas. Una Voz Unida believes our community share diverse cultures and backgrounds. Therefore, it will be one of our goals to unite with other community organizations and centralize our strength and our voice.

"Answers to our Critics"


  1. Not a Separatist Organization nor do we support separatist organizations
  2. Do not endorse the notion of a U.S. government over throw or take over.
  3. Do not Support Segregation
  4. Not an exclusive organization
  5. We are not an open-borders advocate"
  6. We do not register non-U.S. citizens to vote

We ARE :

  1. ARE Americans!!!!!!!
  2. Believe in the United States and that it has the right to control its borders
  3. We serve the entire community regardless of age, race, creed, color, national origin, sex, familial status, sexual orientation, or political affiliation
  4. We promote civic engagement and participation
  5. We are Advocates
  6. We are in solidarity with ALL organizations that support the entire community and share American spirit and values
  7. We are in solidarity with all Civil Rights groups and welcome "El Movimiento" and "La Causa"


  1. "Why is your organization's name in spanish?" Our organization believes in American spirit and in the unity of the entire community voice. Our name is bilingual to show our diversity within Odessa.


About Us