Republicans Redefining Rape
by Bob Monta˝Úz

Republican V.P. candidate Ryan and senatorial candidate Akin have worked together to redefine the word "rape" to benefit their own stupidity. They have come up with terms such as "forcible rape" and "legitimate rape" which leads me to question where they received their education or their authority to change the definition of a word.

Are Ryan and Akin attempting to declare that some rape is admissible or possibly deserved by women who want to be raped? Does this not sound very reminiscent of Republican Clayton Williams stating that a rape victim should just lie back and enjoyed it? One needs to ask why are white male Republican leaders so enthralled with defining rape instead of helping the President create jobs?

It is so typically Republican to invent falsehoods which they repeat constantly until uneducated, undereducated, bigoted and stupid people accept them as truths. (Remember George W. Bush and weapons of mass destruction in Iran?)

These idiots fail to explain when rape is not forcible or illegitimate. Do these great defenders of women's rights not own dictionaries which they could utilize before their distorted and small minds express their warped interpretations?

However, these actions fall right in line with the Republican's War on Women. Congressional Republican white males have made it quite clear that they are uniquely qualified to make determinations and pass legislation which dictate what women can or cannot do with their own bodies and never mind if the majority of American women do not agree.

Republicans continue to express they want to return to those outdated and discriminatory principles of the Founding Fathers most of which were slave owners and, therefore, unchristian and inhumane. Does this wishful thinking mean that Republicans want women to have no rights and to be men's possessions as they were once in the all white male discriminatory republic?

I do not believe it should require much effort for women to conclude what Republicans really think of them. What can they do about it? They need to retaliate where it does the most damage and where they can express themselves with defining convictions.

Simply, they need to get politically involved and vote in November. Need I recommend who to vote for? I don't think so.

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