Veteran's Day Reflection

Honor, Respect, Justice Denied

by Art Leal on 11/11/2014 @ 10:16am {updated 12/30/2014}

Today, as I reflect on Veteran's Day, I can't help but think about some new friends I made this year. These men served their country, sacrificed and fought for our freedom. These men are proud and faithful to the United States of American and will defend her again if called upon. These men, even in the most extreme adversity continue to keep their head up, look North and drive on.

Many Veterans, come home and face adversity. Post traumatic Stress Disorder, and Traumatic Brain Injury are a major part of the adversity faced by Veterans. These can be very difficult for Veterans to deal with, but with proper medical treatment it can be manageable. Sadly, often times, these injuries go unnoticed when Veterans return from service and often it affects Veterans in ways that put them terrible situations with law enforcement. It is for that reason, I am a big supporter of Veteran Courts and special advocates for Veterans and proper legal representation. Every Veteran should have access. Because without, our Veterans get lost in a legal system that ignores the internal battle they face each and every day.

So on this day, I am thinking of my new friends. They are Veterans like you and me. But they are not here being honored with concerts and ceremonies. They have been denied Honor, Respect, and Justice. They are Deported. Banned from their country, only to return on death to be given their military burial. It breaks my heart every time I see a Facebook post of a deported veteran. I feel their struggle and their pain. I sense their longing to return home to their family. So today, I am giving special thanks and recognition to all Deported Veterans. You are not forgotten. Thank you for your service.

Hector Barajas, US Army
Juan Valadez, US Navy

Veterans who came home

Hector Manuel Barrios Vietnam RIP
Gerardo Garcia RIP
Ramon Acedo US Army Vietnam III RIP
Dardar Paye US Army Kosovo/Kuwait RIP
Manuel Castano US Army RIP

To learn more about the Banished Veteran Support House in Tijuana Mexico contact SPC Hector Barajas 626-569-5491 US, 664-329-1655 Mex. / / Bringing our Veterans home should be our top priority. Help keep a roof for our deported veterans. Click here to donate. Every bit helps.

For some of their stories watch these YouTube video I video II